Self-made mouse-shape over buttons ?? 
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 Self-made mouse-shape over buttons ??


Some times ago, I posted a question where I explained, that in my program
my self-made cursor doesn't work when passing over self-made buttons,
windows-buttons (OK, Cancel, ...) and radiobuttons in my windows (build
with the TPW-Workshop). Every time, when I make a little movement over a
button, the self-made shape of my mousepointer changes into the
windows-arrow. Otherwise, in the othere places of the windows, there are
no problems with the self-made pointer.
Programmers answered me (thanks again!) to look for WM_SetCursor, but
even with this hint I can't get it right. :-(
Some information about my program, one part, where I create a window
(EndWindow) that has the problem with buttons as described above:
  TApp = object(TApplication)
    procedure InitInstance; virtual;
    procedure InitMainWindow; virtual;

  PMyMainWindow = ^TMyMainWindow;
  TMyMainWindow = object(TWindow)
    procedure WMSetCursor(var Message: TMessage); virtual wm_first +  

  PEndWindow = ^TEndWindow;
  TEndWindow = object(TDialog)
  {This window is similar to the window you get when closing your
Windows, it  gives also the text 'This will close...' + 2 buttons
  {On these buttons I can't see my own cursor}
    procedure WMSetCursor(var Bericht: TMessage); virtual wm_first +

procedure TMyMainWindow.WMSetCursor(var Message: TMessage);
      SetCursor(LoadCursor(hInstance, 'CURSOR2'));
      CaseA := True;
  else SetCursor(LoadCursor(hInstance, 'CURSOR1'));
  {Here, in the main window I build some hypertext, this changement works

procedure TEndWindow.WMSetCursor(var Message: TMessage);
  SetCursor(LoadCursor(hInstance, 'CURSOR1'));

What did I wrong, and what is the solution?
       Thanks in advance!

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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