GV4SVGA1.ZIP video card info 
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 GV4SVGA1.ZIP video card info

Hello all,

As the author of GV4SVGA1.ZIP as uploaded to SimTel a few weeks ago, I would
like to produce a database of video cards and VESA BIOS/TSR combinations known
to work with Graphic Vision.  This will help me to help anyone who experiences
any problems with it. As I don't have quite the same level of resources as
MicroSoft I need your help to do this.

So what I'm asking for is for people that have downloaded and run GV4SVGA1.ZIP
to tell me what video card and VESA implementation they have run it
(successfully or otherwise) on.

There is a little utility program I wrote in GV4SVGA1.ZIP called VESAINFO.EXE
that will output VESA information to the screen (or a file using DOS
re-direction). Can I ask that anyone responding do the following from the DOS


This will produce a file containing general VESA VBE information as well as
mode-specific information for modes $101, $103 and $105. It won't tell me what
video card you have though, so can you please edit VESA.TXT so it contains this
info as well (as well as any other comments you might want to make), then email
me the file.

Thanks very much in advance to all those that respond.

-- Jay

| Jason Burgon - author of Graphic Vision, TV-Like GUI for 256 Colour SVGA  |

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Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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