Decent Top-View Map File Format 
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 Decent Top-View Map File Format

ok, i tried posting this before, butit rejected the artical, maybethis
one will be better  explained anyways (or worse?!)  on withit!

Well, for a couple months now, I have been constently thinking of a way
to read a graphical tile map in a file (as seen in consol games such as
the infamous Final Fantasy series)  My theory is definatly not the best,
could be even the worst, but the way I discribe SHOULD WORK.  

I would like input wether you know a better way, or can point out any
troubles in this.

Method One.

0..9, a..z, A..Z, and maybe some, ..?, are used in a dos file, I write a
procedurethat seeks into that file, and if it encounters a character it
understands, it displays a sprite in that position.  For example, lets
say r is the sprite for a road, and g is that for grass, the dos file
would look like:


Get it?

Method Two:

Same as one, BUT a, and A would be the exact same sprite, except the
capital A would mean it's unpassible, such as a wall.  For example, lets
add some tree's to the road, lets say T is for a tree


please reply with useful input.


Sat, 19 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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