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 Borland Pascal updates

I have been using Borland Pascal with Objects, Verson 7.0 with Objects
since 1992 with no problems under DOS 6.0. The Pascal was updated in
1993. In response to a problems under Windows 95 (DOS 7.0) posted on
this Group, I ordered a 7.0 revision ( sometimes referenced to as 7.1)
and received a four disk set identified as Turbo Pascal for DOS 7.0.

My original disks for Pascal with Objects are dated 10/27/92
Pascal 7.0 update disk are dated 3/9/93 and are to be installed OVER 7.0

Pascal for DOS 7.0 disk just received are dated 3/3/93 and are NOT TO BE

Can anyone clarify how these different sets of Pascal 7.0 disks are to
be installed?

Merv Norton

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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