Help variable reads t 
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 Help variable reads t

 In> Program a6q3;
 In> uses wincrt;

 In> type
 In>    book= record
 In>    author: array[1..15] of char;
 In>    title: array[1..30] of char;
 In>    year:integer;
 In>    price: real;
 In> end; {book}
 In> Type
 In>    libr = array[1..20] of book;
 In> Var
 In>    T:libr;
 In>    l,p,count:integer;
 In>    stop:char;

 In> Procedure readauthor(i,counter:integer);
 In> Begin
 In>    write('Please enter author:  ');
 In>    while not eoln do
 In>    begin
 In>       I:=I+1;
 In>       read(t[counter].author[I]);
 In>       write(t[counter].author[I]);
 In>    end;
 In>    readln;
 In> end;

 In> Procedure ReadTitle(i,counter:integer);
 In> Begin
 In>    write('Please enter title:  ');
 In>    while not eoln do
 In>    begin
 In>       read(t[counter].title[i]);
 In>       i:=i+1;
 In>    end;
 In>    readln;
 In> end;

 In> Begin
 In>    stop:='y';
 In>    While stop='y' do
 In>    begin
 In>       count:=count+1;
 In>       ReadAuthor(l,count);
 In>       ReadTitle(p,count);
 In>       PrintAuthor(l,count);
 In>       {Printtitle(p,count); }
 In>    end;
 In> end.

 In> THis is my program now when I run it can anyone tell me why I would
 In> get the t[counter].author variable to contain also the first letter of
 In> the title.  Help would be greatly appreciated.

In your main block you call ReadAuthor and pass it the variables l and count,
yet neither of these have a known value since they were never initialized at
the start of the program. Place statements at the start of the main block to
initialize all global counters to 0 and that should fix that problem.

You might also do away with the cumbersome "while not Eoln do" and the
Read() statements to get input, and replace them with simpler ReadLn()
statements. ReadLn() will take input until <enter> is pressed. Also, switch
your arrays of char to strings and I bet you could reduce the entire program
to less than half it's size, removing the need for all loops except the main


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