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On Thu, 8 Jun 2000 10:13:18 +0100, "pjd"


>hi all

>I've been learning Pascal for about 6 months on and off, and have done a
>fair bit.
>What I'd like to do is make a simple program to transfer data over a
>network... Does anyone have a piece of sample code that is well explained?
>As i'm somewhat lost with the book I have.

>Basically, my aim is to produce two simple programs.
>One that sends a string of text to a specified IP address, and a second that
>listens for the incoming data, and recieves it, and displays it to the

>I understand this may be easier in something like c/c++ however I'd really
>like to stick with pascal. btw, i am using TP6.

>Anyone able to give me a hint here... or know of a decent tutorial?

>Thanks in advance,

>peter J

You could use a packet driver for dos.

You could also download a packet driver unit from crynw or something.

Then you need some sort of algorithm to garantee that the packets will

Alternatives are:

using ipx... but that's not always available on different computers.

tcp/ip stacks all have different api's in dos... so that completely

packet drivers in dos are universal they all have the same api's

it definetly rules... all network card products have these drivers...

You can add ip headers to your packets... but why would you wanna do
that ?

you can forget about tcp programming in turbo pascal that's to much
work... and you ll probably run out of memory anyway...

Does this answer your question a bit ?


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