Day in week and week in year calculations, oops! 
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 Day in week and week in year calculations, oops!

Caution to those who copied my calendar routines some time ago:

As mentioned I converted those routines from IBM mainframe assembly and had no
time for testing at the time, now I have found a couple of errors which
sneaked in:

In the routine Jan4th there is an expression in the last line containing:  
(z+25) mod 28  -  this should instead read:  (z+8) mod 28

In the routine WeekOfYear the line initially calculating the week number ends
 with:  mod 7  - this should (of course) be:  div 7.

Also as some friends pointed out early there was an error in the routine
DayOfYear: The test on leap year corrections should include a test for month
number greater than 2, not greater than or equal to 2.

I hope those errors have not caused problems and apologize if they have.

After my summer holiday, in a few weeks time I plan to make available the
corrected source code both in Pascal language and as OPAL Paradox methods, I
believe they can be quite useful routines.

regards Sven

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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