Com ports in TP 7.0 
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 Com ports in TP 7.0

: I need some MAJOR help accessing com ports in Pascal..
: I've spent a long time trying things, and I am wondering what I'm doing
: wrong.

  Communications can be a complicated subject. Don't attempt this without
reading some of the free source code kicking around bbses and ftp sites
on the subject.

: Also, with the port command, what do you put in the []s?
: (the port number [1], the hex address [$3f8], or something else..)

  The port[] command relates to the cpu's hardware ports, some of which
point to things like com ports, but also points to things like the
keyboard controller and the vga card, or in fact any peripheral you
install on your system.

  What you need to do is use the port _address_ inside the brackets, in
the case of COM port 1 this would be $3F8.

  I would suggest you get a _good_ DOS programmers reference and read it,
they are INVALUABLE for figuring this kind of stuff out. (I use _DOS
Programmer's Reference_, by Dettman, Que, I won't give you the ISBN
because my issue is getting old and probbaly is superceded by a newer
version). Ralf Brown's shareware interrupt list would be a good start -
available on any good programing bbs or ftp site.

-- DLH "Warhammer"

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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