Getbitmapbits or how to get a pointer 
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 Getbitmapbits or how to get a pointer

I've got a highspeed procedure, that allows to copy a bitmap
into a WingDC very fast. This procedure needs a pointer on
the bitmap bits to work. I created a bitmap in the memory,
the problem is: I've got a handle on the bitmap but no pointer.
I tried to get a pointer with getobject and getbitmapbits
(see listing below). It doesn't work, the program always crash.
Can anyone help me or has anybody a better way to get a pointer?

 tempdc,memdc : HDC;
 nummer : TBitmap;
 number,old : HBitmap;
 picture : pointer;

 tempdc := createdc('Display',nil,nil,nil);
 number := createcompatiblebitmap(tempdc,40,40);
 memdc := createcompatibledc(tempdc);
 old := selectobject(memdc,number);

                40,0); {highspeed assembler procedure}


Thanks for reading, hope you can help me.
Markus Joschko

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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