Print over Windows USB, network, fax... 
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 Print over Windows USB, network, fax...

Hello everybody,

this is my solution to print from your applications to any Windows printer:
USB, network, fax-modems etc.
The final user can have a preview of the print job before proceding to print
it, use any windows font he wants and setting margins, orientation, copies
and so on. You can also add background images stored in separated files. For
example, you can print invoices designing the frames and the logo with any
graphical editor.

You only need to make a little changes to your applications to make them
printing over a file instead of a printer, and to write a 4 lines cfg file
every print job.
All done. A windows trayed application will print your job over any windows
printer, scaling the font to fit the page.
You can find more info and download the shareware version of Printfil on

Kind regards
Davide Guolo

Sun, 12 Oct 2003 06:56:12 GMT  
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