LIM EMS and TP7 
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 LIM EMS and TP7

Please, Please Help.
        (In TP7)
        I'm trying to use EMS, and i've gotten all the procedure's to work
right, so i can allocate 1 16k page in memory, put it in the Page Frame,
etc.  Then i get the page frame segment address and access it via the
MEM array.  Like this: mem[ PAGE_FRAME_BASE_ADDRESS : offset ]
        Anyway, i want 64k buffers, so that's four pages.  If i allocate four
pages to one EMM handle, then how do i map them?  Can i use a loop and
map logical page 0 to physical page 0, then logical page 1 to physical
page 1?  so on, so on?
        Will the mapped pages, if i did it like that, be continuous in memory,
so that i could use the mem array to access them all like this:
        for offset := 0 to 64000 do
                mem[ PAGE_FRAME_BASE_ADDRESS : offset ] := 0;
        Or is there something more to this?
        ANY help would be Greatly appreciated!

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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