Modeless Dialog and Keyboard Control - Help needed 
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 Modeless Dialog and Keyboard Control - Help needed

Dear Netters,

Who can help me with the following problem?

Within a BP for Windows application I have a MODELESS Dialog within the
MainWindow. This dialog contains several Controls like ListBoxes,
RadioButtons, StaticText, and GroupBoxes which are loaded from a Resource.
Also for some reason I want to declare this Dialog as a ChildWindow of the
MainWindow instead of a Popup.

Everything works fine with mouse control. However, I did not succeed to
implement a keyboard control, i.e. it is not possible to change between the
different groups with the TAB key, neither can I choose different items in a
group of RadioButtons with the cursor keys. Only within a ListBox the cursor
keys are active. I tried to the EnableKBHandler command, however I did not
succeed. Probably, I am missing something rather principal.

Is there anybody out in Byteland who knows an answer to my problem? If so,
help will be much appreciated. Please e-mail to the address below.

   | Dipl.-Phys. Ulrich Rust                |
   | University of Paderborn                |
   | Dept. Applied Physics                  |
   | Warburger Str. 100                     |
   | D-33098 Paderborn                      |
   | Fed. Rep. Germany                      |
   | Tel.  : +49 5251 60-2718               |
   | FAX   : +49 5251 60-3422               |


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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