Pentium vs Pentium Pro code 
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 Pentium vs Pentium Pro code

Why should a Borland Pascal (v. 7.01) executable compiled on a Pentium
PRO be different from one compiled on a non-PRO (standard Pentium or 486)

What happened is this:  I was preparing for a release of a software
product, which had modifications which had been done by another
department member (who uses a 200MHz Pentium PRO system).  As a
verification, I copied the archived source build directories onto my
computer, rebuilt, and compared the .EXE file from my build with what was
on the distribution.  What I found were a couple of dozen bytes (out of
an 850K .EXE file) that differed -- most showed a byte of BC (from the
PRO version) versus a BD (non-PRO version).

In the process of trying to verify the difference, we installed BP and
the product sources on a third (non-PRO) computer, and got byte-for-byte
identical comparison (to the non-PRO version).  I then installed on a
different PRO (200MHz) computer, and got exact comparison to the previous
PRO version.

Does anybody have an explanation for this?  I want to be careful that we
don't release a product that might be "corrupt" due to being prepared on
the "wrong" system.  (To be safe, I am currently releasing versions that
are built on non-PRO systems.)

(I am aware of the run-time "delay" problem on 200MHz systems, which is
an unrelated issue.)

Mark Lovik

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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