wwin20.zip Crt unit TP/BP6+ replacement also for Windoze 
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 wwin20.zip Crt unit TP/BP6+ replacement also for Windoze

Thank you for your contribution. This upload is now available as
 61964 Apr 27 02:00 ftp://garbo.uwasa.fi/pc/turbopa7/wwin20.zip

: Date: Sun, 28 Apr 96 16:28:08 +0200

: Subject: wwin20.zip All CRT features and more also for Windoze uploaded
: File name: wwin20.zip
: One line description: All CRT features and more also for Windoze
: Replaces: -
: Suggested Garbo directory: pc/turbopas

: Author or company: Frank Heckenbach

: Surface address: Stubenlohstr. 6, 91052 Erlangen, Germany
: Special requirements: Borland Pascal
: Shareware payment required from private users: Y
: Shareware payment required from corporates: Y
: Distribution limitations: Limitations concerning MSN, see README.TXT
: Garbo CD-ROM distribution allowed: Y
: Demo: N
: Nagware: N
: Self-documenting: Y
: External documentation included: Y
: Source included: N
: Size: 130 KB, 60 KB zipped
: 10 lines description:
: The unit WWin is an extension of the Crt unit of Borland Pascal.
: The main purpose of WWin is to make porting Crt based applications to
: Windoze easy. Usually it suffices to replace "Uses Crt" by "Uses WWin".
: WWin should run with Turbo Pascal 6.0 and with BP 7.0 on all three
: platforms. The interface for all three platforms is nearly identical.
: So you do not have to change much to switch your program from Dos to
: Windoze and back. Even more, you can easily write programs that compile
: on all three platforms. Also many features, exceeding the standard Crt
: routines, especially for Windoze, to adapt the program's behaviour.

   All the best, Timo


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