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 Graphics in Pascal for Windows

I was asking some advisees
about graphics in TPW 1.5.At last I managed to display some graphics.
But now a new problem came up. The idea is to read 8192 numbers from
a file on disk and to display 32 line graphics into a window.
It goes well when the filename is assigned in the program.
But when I tried to pass the name from a File Open menu
it does not do anything.
The program goes well until the LineTo function comes up.
The line before and the line after are executed but it can not
display the LineTo function or it is executed but has no DC to display
I suspect that the problem is that the Paint method is executed
immediately after initiating the application and the window must be
repaint (redraw ?, or what?) again.
What shall I do ?

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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