Borland's non-support 
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 Borland's non-support

> Dear Timo Salmi,

Hello Fellow Turbo Pascal User.

Thank you for your nice letter.

>         Have Borland ever contacted you? You make a big job raising
> Borland situation. I think Borland's Pascal is dying, there is no
> intensive programming promotion project. You should get something from
> Borland for you great job. I want to ask you that how long can you
> support us about programming? Hope you can do for long time.

I have not had even my questions answered and have stopped
contacting them years ago. As I have said, my experience from some
three years back is that while Borland has really excellent products
they have a lousy support on Usenet. At least had at that time. The
only response I have ever gotten from Borland came from their UK
location. They simply do not seem to care.

> Cheers and best regards,

   All the best, Timo


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