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 Status VisualOberon


Some notes about the status of VisualOberon:

* It is still alive :-)

* While I havn't spent any time on it the last few month,
  I hope to work on some parts of the code in december.
  However it is obviuous that I need some help. I not able
  to spend the necessary amount of time for rapid
  inprovements because of general lack of time. I still
  willing to offer the administrivia (web side, mailing list,
  technical information).

* The Windows version, while still not complete, is running.
  We just lack a real-world example to show that cross-plattform
  portability is well working. Also someone with deeper Win32
  low level drawing stuff knowledge should take a look at the
  sources to increase the number of supported features.

* I havn't modified the sources yet, but since the ooc runtime
  library is now under LGPL (library GPL) I will put VO under
  LGPL, too. If necessary even someone else can do the relevant
  changes to the sources and send them to me. I will put them
  on the web side. Beeing under LGPL it should now be possible
  to develop commercial applications with VO.


Fri, 26 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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