New freeware Oberon System release 
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 New freeware Oberon System release

RE:  Logic Magicians Oberon-2

Thank you very much for your work on this project and for making it
accessible.  It is through this sort of effort and openness that we
can hope Oberon will grow in use.

For your information, I will report that I cannot get this version to
load under the Novell DOS 7 dpmi server.  The error message reads:

Error ( 00000000) loading module: K
Oberon encountered a problem.  The errorlevel was 73
Error opening loader.out

Cannot load the file C:\COMMAND.COM
Insert correct disk and Strike any key

The last message repeats ad infinitum until reboot, even though
is in the root path as indicated.

Additional information:

Computer:  AST 386, 5mb ram
Program invoked in trials with -h set to 2, 3 and 4 with same result.
The program runs fine under the Windblows server.

So, I'm not sure if it's the Novell DPMI, my particular machine, or
your Oberon that is the problem.  I would be interested to know if any
other user has had problems with the Novell DOS 7 server.

I tried lots of configuration settings, with still no go.  I did note,
however, with the WATCOM pminfo and rminfo programs, that the Novell
dpmi server performance was sucky.

I'll try to get ahold of the Quarterdeck server.  It would be really nice
to have a DOS Oberon accessible without the ETH config.sys limitations, and
to be able to avoid the Microsloth products altogether.


W. Marshall

Sun, 13 Apr 1997 13:05:46 GMT  
 New freeware Oberon System release
I am announcing that the Oberon V2 System on which I have been
working is now available as freeware.  This system includes almost
the entire source code for the operating system and device drivers;
only a few very low level modules are omitted from the distribution
in source form.

Hardware requirements:
   o 80386 or above
   o 80387 or compatible if floating point math used
   o 2Mb minimum RAM (4Mb is the default; limited only by DPMI server)
   o VGA (640x480x16)
     ET4000 (1024x768x256)
   o 2 or 3 button MS compatible mouse.
     (Middle button simulated with Alt+Space for 2 button mice)
   o 2Mb disk space

Software Requirements (choose 1 or more):
   o Windows 3.1
   o DPMI (v0.90, v0.95 or v1.00) server
     (QEMM+QDPMI, QEMM7, 386Max)
   o OS/2

System Advantages:
   o DOS extender based on standard DPMI interface; does not
     require special configuration.
   o No special requirement for number of file handles
     (system automatically opens and closes handles using
     LRU algorithm)
   o same system runs on multiple platforms; 100% object
     file compatibility.
   o documentation provided for many features not covered
     in any of the Oberon books.
   o source code

The software can be obtained by anonymous ftp from  Read the 00index file for
information on downloading.

If you send me your name, I will add you to a mailing list and you
will be notified of updates.  Another goal is to create an Oberon
newsletter which will accept contributions and be mailed to all
people on the mailing list.

Taylor Hutt, now available in unscented
Astral Projection: The cheapest way to travel.

Wed, 09 Apr 1997 02:01:34 GMT  
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