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Hi everybody,

  reading this newsgroup, I've noticed that there's a great interest in
a anonymous ftp site for public domain Oberon(TM) software.
As a matter of fact, I'm already in a 'battle' with ETH to install
such an archive. So, if you can mail me your opinions, I can decide
if I should go on with.The more mails I receive, the bigger the chance to
convince the ETH of the need of such a site.

  We, the Swiss Oberon User Group, would like to make a catalog of all
freely available software. The problem is, that there isn't a lot of
software around we know about. If you have some code you would like to
share, please mail me too. When you offer a program, you should write
some information, such as a short description, files one needs, if you
will support your product (for new releases,...), platforms it runs on,

  IMPORT News;

Thanks for any reply

   'Nicht stolpern Leute, jetzt kommt die WERBUNG !!!'


Tue, 13 Feb 1996 01:40:43 GMT  
 Public Domain Archive
I week or so ago I offered to setup an anonymous-ftp site
if no one else volunteered. I have setup a machine and it is ready
to go but am looking at the possibility of using another machine.
At any rate I will post a message next-week as to which machine it
will be.


Tue, 13 Feb 1996 21:30:59 GMT  
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