new version of OS2oberon has been uploaded on 
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 new version of OS2oberon has been uploaded on

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includes the following new features and corrected bugs:

  - Analyzer  as part of compiler package
  - Display1 needed for support of Dialogs package

  - Dialogs packages - a graphical user interface for Oberon V4 from Uni-Linz
    (with permission from M.Knasmueller)

  - 2 bugs in FileDir/Files concerning file dates has been corrected
  - termination code is now displayed correctly as 16-bit integers

Currently there is not correction for the reported problems with different
display adapters.

Please report problems to

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VMSmail To information: CERBER::MRGATE::"SWITCH::1=CH::2=ARCOM::3=SWITCH::5=ethz::4=inf::6=oberon-news"
VMSmail CC information: SDA
Sender's personal name: D. STEINER, CERBERUS AG, MAENNEDORF

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Sat, 03 May 1997 00:45:19 GMT  
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