Using Linz V4 - how to change TextFrames.Mod? 
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 Using Linz V4 - how to change TextFrames.Mod?

Hi, Oberon fans,

I've been slowly learning about Oberon.  You could say that every
application has the same structure, as _The Oberon System User's Guide and
Programmer's manual_ by Reiser does:

        Edit            Paint           Draw
        TextFrames      PictureFrames   GraphicFrames
        Texts           Pictures        Graphics

Unfortunately, TextFrames and Texts have "privileged" status -- other
modules depend heavily on them, including the System and Oberon modules.

I want to change TextFrames by adding some procedures.  Unfortunately, it's
always loaded (I assume) and so my efforts to compile the source have all
met with disaster -- either the symbol file doesn't reflect the new object,
or the system crashes when I restart it.  This applies to the Macintosh and
Windows versions.

I've also tried copying the TextFrames code into a TextFramesNew module (and
changing the module name as well as the filename) but when I try to create a
new viewer for a TextFrameNew, a system trap occurs somewhere in the
MeasureLines procedure.

Is there a better method that will give me reliable results?  It's always
possible that my code has a bug, but I also think the entrenched role of
TextFrames is a genuine problem.

-- Derek

Sun, 28 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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