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 MPW Oberon available

MPW Oberon is a stand-alone Oberon for the Macintosh Programmer's
Workshop. Use the Oberon language to develop standard Macintosh
applications and code resources. MPW Oberon integrates nicely into the MPW
environment, so you may use all your standard development tools. MPW
Oberon is able to use external procedures and variables, so mixed-language
development is possible.

The compiler generates code for the MC68020 and better. For floating-point
arithmetic either the MC6881 o SANE may be used. The compiler is a
single-pass, recursive descent compiler working without an intermediate
representation. This translates to fast compilation. The produced code
outperforms MPW C, MPW Pascal (both version 3.3.1), and MacOberon (version

The package including the compiler, interface and sample files,
benchmarks, and a reference manual was sent to info-mac. It should be
available at the morror sites in a few days.

Enjoy MPW Oberon!

Juergen Gesswein

Sun, 01 Jun 1997 00:19:17 GMT  
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