Oberon V3/Gadgets for MacOberon 
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 Oberon V3/Gadgets for MacOberon

In the past week, I have been swamped with inquiries about the
status/plans of V3 and the Gadgets system for MacOberon. I don't know
what has prompted this sudden surge of interest, but please let me make
the following statement:

1. I am currently *very* busy finishing my doct{*filter*}dissertation and not
   working on MacOberon at this time. However,
2. As soon as I am done with (1), I will turn my attention back to
   MacOberon. Among other things, there will be a MacOberon V3/Gadgets
   system. There will also be a much better optimizing compiler, and,
   eventually, a PowerPC implementation.
3. Expect further surprises/goodies, but not before Christmas.

Michael Franz

Sat, 16 Mar 1996 22:07:14 GMT  
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