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 POW DLL Problem

I am trying to write a main program with the POW 3.0 Oberon-2 system
that will call a 16-bit DLL compiled under Watcom C++ 10.6.  However, I
am not having much success and would appreciate any help that might be
available here.

I shall illustrate my problem by describing some minimal changes to the
UseDLL/DLL example that comes with POW 3.0 and how they produce the
problem that also defeats my other efforts:

If I build the UseDLL/DLL example that comes with POW, everything works
fine, and the DLL compiled by POW actually gets called.  Great.
However, if I simply change the DLL.MOD file to be a DEFINITION instead
of a MODULE, it doesn't work.  The DEFINITION will compile once all the
PROCEDURE's are labelled as [WINDOWS], the *'s are deleted after the
PROCEDURE names, and the bodies of the procedures are deleted.  However,
and this is not surprising, it will not Make or Build.  No problem, I
think -- I don't want to get the DLL out, I've already got one of those,
I just want to give a definition to the UseDLL main program.

Once the DLL Module is changed to a definition, however, the UseDLL
main  program will not link either.  The call to the DLL procedure from
the UseDLL module creates an unresolved name error in the link step.  

I suspect that attaching the [WINDOWS] attribute to the exported
procedure of the DLL changes its name in the DLL.LIB file or something
so that there is now a missing name.  I've been trying to track this
down for a few hours now with no success yet.  What does it take to make
this work?


Al Christians

P.S. My ISP is having newsfeed problems with no new messages incoming to
me for the past 24 hours, so I humbly request that anyone having an
answer reply both to newsgroup and via e-mail to me.  Thanks.

Mon, 15 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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