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 VisualOberon news

There or some news regarding VisualOberon:

First, I want to announce a new version of VO.

You can look at the homepage, for a detailed lists. But one point may
be interesting for the newsgroups. oo2c, the compiler VisualOberon
uses, implemented namespaces some time ago. VisualOberon now uses these
namespaces to modulize its sources.

Second, VisualOberon now has a new homepage. As part of the move to
Sourceforge, I now also reworked the web pages and moved them to
sourceforge, too. The new homepage is:


Please update your bookmarks!

The old homepage is still accessable, but pages are changed to point
you to the new address and will be completely removed some day in the

The new homepage is not perfect. Some links may not be valid anymore. I
will update them soon.


Mon, 29 Sep 2003 23:36:12 GMT  
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