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 XML For Plugin/Native Oberon

Hello all,

I've now gotten a port of the XML package from BlueBottle Oberon
to Native/Plugin Oberon to a place where I'm ready to do an
initial release.  I started this so that Edgar's WebDAV package
can be ported to BlueBottle as well.  I cut some stuff out of
the XML package that didn't easily port and/or didn't seem
needed for WebDAV.  I also ported over the BlueBottle modules
AosIO and AosFS (again cutting out stuff I didn't need and was
difficult to port.) Anyway if anyone else wants to play with
this here is the link:


I'd like to port this to Oberon V4, but as it stands the code
is heavily dependent on Oberon-X extensions so it won't
compile under Oberon-2.  


John M. Drake

Tue, 23 Aug 2005 06:07:33 GMT  
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