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 new user questions

   I, like a lot of people it would seem, read the BYTE article and downloaded
SPARC-Oberon. I've got a few quick questions from my first hours messing
   Firstly, have I got the newest version? I downloaded (with archie, so
I can't remember where from) Oberon.1.0, Oberon.Fonts, Oberon.Docu & the

   Second, there seems to be a major conflict with X-Windows, the cursor
doesn't seem to be mapped correctly after using X, rebooting the machine fixes
that but its a bit drastic. I'm using X11 R5 if thats any help.

   Third, is there a faq for questions like the above?

   Lastly, I read a few posts in this group about the lack of multitasking
in oberon. Is it not feasable (on a UNIX system anyway) to provide some
sort of virtual terminal? Or does this totally defeat the purpose of

   I'm looking for an idea for my final year project so I'm just throwing
ideas around:-)



Tue, 31 Oct 1995 04:44:33 GMT  
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