Problems with System.Free in MacOberon4.02 
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 Problems with System.Free in MacOberon4.02

I could well be doing something wrong but I have
been having trouble with System.Free in MacOberon 4.02.

Normally I would just click MM'ML on a command to unload
the module BUT I'm a newbie and forgot the inter-click and
decided to use System.Free.

I created a new module with a unique name which naturally
no-one else could import from (as I just created it).
I made some changes and recompiled and tried to unload it
by System.Free NewModule
and initially it worked.
Then at some point in time it stopped working.
I restarted MacOberon and loaded the Module and tried
System.Free NewModule and again it would continously fail.
I checked the manual and it said to check that it wasn't in use
by another module BUT I don't know how it could be as I have just
created it.

I tried System.Free on another module (which I may have not loaded),
just to try something different and I went into an
infinite loop. Very impressive :-(
I restarted MacOberon and tried again, with no problem for this other
Something seems funny.

For the moment I shall stick to inter-clicking ML on command execution.
That seems to work with no problems (touch wood).

Anyone else had this problem ??


 / Computer Science Department, Monash Uni (Clayton), Australia \  

Wed, 22 May 1996 19:25:43 GMT  
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