New Oberon compiler goes public 
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 New Oberon compiler goes public

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for news of a new freely-available implementation of Oberon-2.


The Oxford Oberon-2 Compiler

At Oxford, we use Oberon as the second language we teach to our
undergraduate students (the first one is Haskell).  We chose it
because of its cleanliness and simplicity, and because of the
availability of books that emphasize clear reasoning about programs.

To support this teaching within our Unix-based software laboratory, I
have developed from scratch a portable compiler that translates
Oberon-2 into bytecode.  This implementation is in use at Oxford on
SparcStations and 386 PC's under Solaris, on 386 PC's under Linux, and
on 386 PC's under DOS.  There should be little difficulty in porting
the system to other 32-bit Unix systems.

This implementation of the Oberon-2 language does not include a
version of the Oberon-2 operating system and programming environment;
instead, programs are edited with the tools of the host operating
system and compiled into executables that run like other programs on
the host system.

The compiler is written in Caml Light, and the runtime system is
written in C.  It is not necessary to have Caml Light installed in
order to use the binary distributions listed below, but Caml Light is
needed in order to build the system from the source distribution, and
Tcl is needed to rebuild the system if certain sources are modified.
The binary distribution for DOS and Windows was built using DJGPP.
It is not necessary to install DJGPP in order to use the Oberon

Please note that this software is not in the public domain.  I retain
copyright in all materials offered below, but give permission for
copying of the whole work for any purpose other than direct commerical
gain.  I retain all other rights, including but not limited to the
right to make translations and derivative works, and the right to make
extracts and copies of parts of the work.

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