Hades and ftp.inf mirror 
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 Hades and ftp.inf mirror

I'm posting this on behalf of Guenther Sawitzki, Statlab, University of
Heidelberg, Germany:


>Quite fortunately, no. ETHZ has made a nice job of redirecting users
>from neptune to the new site, which in turn will inform newcomers
>of the new directory layout. Very nice, indeed.

>The only inconvenience is, that all files got new creation dates, and
>it is not obvious, which implementations are of what age. In the past
>I used to look at the creation dates on neptune, and from this I knew,
>when something has changed and it was time to upgrade. But this is
>a minor problem.

We keep mirrors of some of the Oberon sites here, and have seen the same
problem. So I just started collecting a log whenever our mirror sees a

We mirror ftp.inf.ethz.ch, hades.ethz.ch, huxley.inf.ethz.ch, linz, and
thutt (clark.net).

PS: Note: Taylor Hutt has no account at clark.net anymore. (Stefan Ludwig)

Fri, 23 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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