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 Garden Point Component Pascal IMPORT

I just downloaded Garden Point Component Pascal (gpcp) for .NET and JVM
platforms. It's interesting to compare it with Lightning Oberon.

Of course it's possible to make a class in LO and then extend it in gpcp. (*
Thanx, MSFT, for this little step toward Oberon convergence. *)

I did not play with gpcp yet, but I noticed something unusual. By looking in
the source of the compiler, one can see that definition of IMPORT is quite

For example

MODULE StatDesc;
        VarSets := V,
        CPascalS := S,
        Symbols  := D,

    Empty*  = POINTER TO RECORD (D.Stmt)


Modules VarSets.cp, CPascalS.cp, and Symbols.cp exists.

That should be actually written opposite as

        V := VarSets,
        S := CPascalS,
        D := Symbols,

I've checked the definition of the language by OuS, which accompanies gpcp.
It sais:

"The import list specifies the names of the imported modules. If a module A
is imported by a module M and A exports an identifier x, then x is referred
to as A.x within M. If A is imported as B := A, the object x must be
referenced as B.x."

As, I said, I did not try to compile anything yet. It's confusing. If anyone
from QUT reads the posts in this newsgroup, please comment.

Anes Sadikovic

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Mon, 07 Apr 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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