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 Oberon SYSTEM3 help

Hello there oberon users,

I have installed system3 on my PC and have a couple of questions to ask?

1. How do I change the size of the system font so that it starts up that
way permanently? I have tried system.setfont but this seems to have no effect.

2. How do I change the screen colours? Same as per above.

3. When printing to an HP printer the system becomes unusable - no response
from mouse etc. Is this normal? I have a 486DX and the printer has 4Mb of

4. When installing the SVGA drivers, using S3.Tool I was unable to rename
files - is this correct behaviour or is it a bug in the system?

Thank you for your time.



Andrew Wenn          Victoria University of Technology
                     Footscray Campus.

Sat, 17 Feb 1996 12:40:37 GMT  
 Oberon SYSTEM3 help

I installed System 3 and I receive a General Protection fault when I
move the mouse in anyway.  The message received is:
Trap 4 PC = 24  FP = 00088AB4.

I'm booting DOS from floppy.  The mouse driver (Inport 3-button clone)
seems to work with other DOS applications.  The Oberon screen appears
normal and responds to an 'F1' marker and is cleared by ESC.
I've had no difficulty with previous Oberon versions.

Dave Serls                                                 303-973-6120


Wed, 21 Feb 1996 22:36:38 GMT  
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