BZip2 for BeOS R4 (PPC & x86) 
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 BZip2 for BeOS R4 (PPC & x86)

Computer Inspirations has just released BZip2, a file compression utility
for the BeOS R4 under both x86 and PPC.  According to the author:

"The central feature of 0.9.0 is that the code has been completely reorganised,
so that the main compress/decompress machinery is in a library.  The bzip2
program is now merely a wrapper on top of the library.  I've also incorporated
various small speedups, functionality enhancements and portability things -- mostly
stuff that was frequently requested your feedback.

"Note that the .bz2 file format is unchanged, so 0.9.0 is fully forwards and
backwards compatible with 0.1pl2.

"Specific changes:

 o A library interface, so your programs can read/write .bz2 files directly.
    Compilation as a Windows DLL, and in a stdio.h-free environment for
    embedded applications, is supported.

  o Speedups: 10% faster compression, 30% faster decompression.  Your
     mileage may vary :)

  o More flexible licensing (BSD style license), to allow the possibility of
     commercial use of the software.

  o Support for concatenated compressed files.  A succession of concatenated
     .bz2 files can be correctly decompressed to yield the concatenation of the

  o Further portability enhancements.

  o Better documentation.  There's now a full user manual, in postscript and
     HTML form."

The latest source and information is available from
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;BeOS binaries and source are
found at http://www.*-*-*.com/


Wed, 20 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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