Thanks, y'all. 
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 Thanks, y'all.

>"Me and Harv built us a 40-foot yacht in my backyard in one summer.
>Can't understand why it takes them shipyards three years and 10,000
>people to build an aircraft carrier."  Two people building a yacht in a
>few months is no small feat, and one of which to be proud, but it is
>nothing like building an aircraft carrier.

In this context that you give, Oberon is the carrier and sea.  Oberon
is not only a powerful language but also a powerful operating system.
In fact that was more of the goal of the project, the language was
developed as the need arose (Reiser, Wirth) (Wirth, Gutknecht).

Therefore a more proper analogy is, "Me and Harv built us an aircraft
carrier and the world's oceans to sail upon one summer.  Can't
understand why it takes them shipyards three years and 10,000 people to
build a skiff."

O.k., I was actually just writing to say thanks, y'all, for helpful
information from actual users in the world.  You were all instrumental
in my impressing the class with my Oberon presentation.  (Wirth et al
didn't do poorly either for creating it.)

You'll see less from me, but hopefully as the months drag on it'll be
deeper, neater stuff from me (rather than questions to the list).

Mick Powers

Mon, 02 Jun 1997 08:23:01 GMT  
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