Comp.Object FAQ Version 1.0.6 (9-15) Announcement 
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 Comp.Object FAQ Version 1.0.6 (9-15) Announcement

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Archive-name: object-faq/announce
Last-Modified: 9/15/94
Version: 1.0.6

This announces the September version 1.0.6 of the Comp.Object FAQ - just in
time for my birthday!  It has many updates and corrections and has several
very up-to-date appendices on object-oriented methodologies and systems.
While a new section on miscellaneous commercial systems and libraries is
still in the works for completeness, this document may very well comprise
the latest and most up-to-date collection of object-oriented systems and
terms in the world today!  There is also a potential upcoming merge with the
new C++ Libraries FAQ.

I will try to update the FAQ monthly with system entries and information from
the net.  I have a new TQM system in place which should proceed from the
old Level 1 to Level 5 in no time - not hard for a one man job.  *Many*
thanks to the patience of those sending system updates and corrections,
my new system should provide fast acknowledgement, inclusion (within a few
weeks) and tracking, and 6 sigma quality should provide essentially defect
free performance for the FAQ.

Sending comments, suggestions, additions, updates, corrections, and new
system and site entries is strongly encouraged and should be directed to

The FAQ is posted to the comp.object, comp.answers and news.answers newsgroups
and is available via anonymous ftp from and,
although new versions may take a short period of time to be installed.

Anonymous FTP Sites and Hypertext Server:


Mail Server:  (See also section 1.24)

  send usenet/comp.object/*

Zaphod is preferred over rtfm for anonymous ftp retrieval, as it provides a
single file.  Rtfm contains the FAQ as posted.

To use the hypertext system, see APPENDIX E, entries 27.

Again, a short period of time may be required to retrieve the latest version
from anonymous ftp, allowing the posted version to propagate and get out as
quickly as possible.

Thank you to the many people who have contributed their time and effort to
help this document spread the word about object-oriented technology and
available systems!  It is hoped it will be most useful in that endeavor.

Best Regards!

Wed, 05 Mar 1997 00:51:13 GMT  
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