Oberon/F Views and Files 
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 Oberon/F Views and Files

Oberon/F 1.1 Beta for Win... Look at Oberon by Example: ObxOpen0

        PROCEDURE Do*;
                VAR loc: Files.Locator; name: Files.Name; conv: Converters.Converter;
                        v: Views.View; t: TextModels.Model; f: TextMappers.Formatter;
                loc := NIL; name := ""; conv := NIL;
                v := Views.Old(Views.ask, loc, name, conv);

What other values can loc have? How do you set it? The same goes for conv...

Suppose I wanted to get to a specific file in a specific directory
(i.e. say \oberonf\usrdata\user.txt ) which is stored in ASCII format. How
would I do this? Which of these things needs to be set if I chose to use
the Views.dontAsk option?

Mon, 19 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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