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 Large commercial application


We are trying to determine if it makes sense to embark on a large-scale
commercial client-server application in Component Pascal (which I gather
is the new name for Oberon).  We would consider doing it because of the
cross-platform capabilities of the language; because it is Pascal, which
we write in; and because we are looking for a practical way of
developing an application which uses the metaphor of a "document",
rather than a "form".

Our application, called DX32, was first introduced in 1987 and is just
completing its eighth version.  It is the controlling application for
many film and television studios here in Los Angeles.  DX32 tracks all
sorts of contracts, many of them enormously complex, as well as managing
all receivables, payables, general ledger, and other financial
functions, all in 50 currencies.  It also handles worldwide warehousing
and shipping of film and television elements, and manages all studio
correspondence.  It databases and displays film clips, still
photographs, sound clips, and a wide variety of promotional material,
and produces several hundred SQL-driven reports.  The application
currently has 128 tables, normalized to the fifth form, and requires
Oracle, MSSQL-Server, Informix, or Interbase for its DBMS.  We are just
coming out with an AS400 release.

The current version of DX32 was just finished in delphi 3.0.  We are
ready to begin the next version, which needs to be out in a year.  All
of the programmers are intrigued with the idea of Component Pascal, but
we obviously cannot begin without serious assurance that the language is
up to producing a solid, commercial product.  As stated above, the
metaphor of a "document" is particularly interesting to us, as 20 to 100
page contracts are at the heart of our system.  With Win95 conventions
we must deal in scores of forms, with all the management problems that

Most of our users have offices in far-flung cities, so they are
operating on wide-area networks.

Can anyone comment on the suitability of Component Pascal for such an

Thank you.

Kent Smith
Media Design/DX inc.
Glendale, California

(818) 552-2233

Thu, 27 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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