PLEASE standardise Oberon Xfonts 
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 PLEASE standardise Oberon Xfonts

With so many Oberon Systems available for Linux I am running into problems
with managing Xfonts. I would like to kindly ask Oberon System
developers: PLEASE standardise Xfonts for both Linz V4 and ETH System-3.
I would much prefer to install a single Xfont directory and to rehash
Xfonts once per X session, than to keep as many directories as there are
different Systems: old ETH, new ETH, Linz, Ofront.

A more detailed question: does anybody know if the Xfont collection
for Linux System 3 is complete enough to be also used for Linz V4?
Any experience with running both systems side-to-side?

I dare not mention standardising other aspects of both Linz and
ETH Linux Oberons (compiler, Text file formats, module interfaces, ...),
but if this would be possible then PLEASE do it as much as you can....



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Sat, 29 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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