meta-classes in Oberon? 
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 meta-classes in Oberon?

> Does Oberon support any kind of meta-classes, incl.
> class methods and/or class variables? It seems Wirth's
> original Oberon language definition only talks about
> instance methods and/or variables, but maybe the language
> got upgraded or redefined because of meta-classes? Or, if not,
> has this problem ever been approached by other Oberon
> compiler implementators?

> Juergen Neuhoff

From the implementation point of view: "class methods" are usually implemented
as (exported) global procedures/functions within the module that declares the respective
class; "class variables" likewise as global variables of this module. The semantics of this
implementation is quite the same as the semantics of "class methods" and "class
Some support for metaprogramming has been built into most Oberon systems (again
not at the level of the programming language but at the library level). If you are using
the linz distribution of the Oberon System V4, you might want to read


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