Oberon 2?? 
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 Oberon 2??

   > The way I understand it, Oberon is an entire operating system in itself.
   > I don't know if you can run it on top of Linux.  From what I know about
   > it I doubt it.

   I've been told that implementations of Oberon, as currently available
   on MS-DOS and some Unix (was it SPARC?), is built on top of the
   existing OS, so under MS-DOS it uses the DOS filesystem (of course
   with ugly cludges for the namespace limitations...)

   So an implementation on top of other Un*x variants should be possible.
   The greatest effort for porting would probably go into the compiler,
   but it is rather small.


There already is a compiler back-end for the i386, but source isn't
free.  So we get to wait for the ETHZ people to do a linux port
instead of doing it ourselves...

Jay Carlson

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Mon, 30 Oct 1995 21:25:54 GMT  
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