Bingo MacOberon ! 
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 Bingo MacOberon !

Hi everyone!

It is my pleasure to congratulate M.Franz for his new Mac Oberon
implementation. I am truly impressed.

One thing that I found particularly pleasing is that it could flawlessly
print my research paper, which I originally prepared under DEC Oberon.
There it caused some problems, but these were very kindly remedied by
J.Supcik with the new version of the Printer module, now on neptune
in a separate archive (DECstation/Printer.tar.Z). The same problems
reappeared under the current WinOberon version and the remedy has not
been found yet. I was thinking of converting my paper to MS Word, a true
defeat for an Oberon enthusiast. Fortunately a friend of mine kindly
agreed to install MacOberon on his Mac LC II machine. I transferred
my original DEC .Text file to the Mac and bingo ! it was there, elements
and everything. What is important for me, also the printout was excellent,
unlike the WinOberon which is still producing a garbled hardcopy.

The only thing that is missing is a Greek font family, which I am using
in some mathematical formulas. Could please MF be so kind to include Greek
in his next MacOberon release ?

I want to congratulate M.Franz for this impressive V4 release.


Sat, 24 May 1997 09:48:05 GMT  
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