Another low level question & about an old book 
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 Another low level question & about an old book

Having only recently learned how to conduct object orientated
programming, I wonder how this defeats code layering.  To use the common
example, if I have Shapes with the basic procedure Draw, then I extend
that object into ThreeDShapes and the first thing that ThreeDShapes.Draw
does is Shapes.Draw^, isn't this an extra procedure call, and therefore
layering?  Please forgive and correct syntax errors as you try to educate

Would you all say that _Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs_ is worth
aquiring or not?  The most recent edition I could find used Modula, so I
wonder if the material in the book is a little dated and I'd be better off
sticking with the current Oberon books.

Thanks on both counts,
Mick Powers
Catonsville Community College

Mon, 29 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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