HP500 Problem - Bug in PC Native Oberon 2.2 ? 
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 HP500 Problem - Bug in PC Native Oberon 2.2 ?

Dear Friends out there,

Some days ago I installed PC Native Oberon on my System. How fast it was.
But then I experienced some strange things, when trying to print the
documentation. Imagine my disappointment.

In the following paragraphs I will now describe the symptoms, and what I
think is (perhaps) behind. Anyway I can't solve it alone, so I'm asking
for the comments and helpful suggestions of some guru out there.

The problems roughly fall into three categories. First I will describe
a formatting problem, I found a work around for, but which nevertheless
might hint to a problem in the printer driver. Then I will describe some
Problem which concerns the way the margin is treated. And last I will
mention a problem with printing HTML-Docu, which very well might be related
to the margin problem, but I never tried to reproduce it systematically.

(0) System Setup: I'm using a PC 486 DX4-100 with a HP DESKJET 540 without
    Color Option.

(1) Problem: When trying to print the Chapter 1 of the Oberon Companion, some
             words overlapp partly in the lines, where the command syntax is
    Comment: After some other experiments, I discovered, that the the text
             in question is set in the Arial Font. Then I discovered, that
             my System doesn't have the Arial Font installed (probably -
             at least I can't find any files of name arial...fnt). So
             I guess, what happens is, that the Display procedure try
             (successfully) to map the Arial font to the Oberon font and
             display the text this way. The Printer procedure(s) also
             try to do the same mapping (indeed the font printed is Oberon),
             but they get the font metric wrong. What a pity.
             My personal work around would be, the reformat the Text, using
             some available font or I will see, wether I can't get the
             Arial font from somewhere. Anyway, I suppose, things here
             don't work as intended.

(2) (a) Problem: When printing the Oberon Companion, some letters at the
                 start of lines are missing ( i e the "T"'s ).
        Comment: In the Interface definitions I found a comment, the the
                 Printer procedures are only clipping whole letters. So
                 what I suspect, is: there is a off-by-one error, when
                 placing the page image on the paper. Thus some characters
                 intersect the left border of the printing area and are
                 No Problem, I thought, I'll change the Rightmargin setup
                 in Oberon.Text. Didn't work (s. point 2b). OK, I thought,
                 I'll change the margin with the style bars. That worked,
                 BUT: it's really trouble to change all style bars in a large
                 document. AND: The file title, which also is printed,
                 isn't affected by the style bars, so I can print
                 "Chapter1.Text", but in "Test.Text" the "T" is clipped
                 away in title line.
                 There should be a way to turn off the title lines (as
                 ultra last measure), I found some variable to that
                 effect in TextGadgets0.Mod, but I don't know how to
                 use it.

    (b) Problem: The print of Gadget Docs (via Desktops.PrintDoc) is not
                 influenced by the Leftmargin Parameter in the Oberon.Text
                 setup file (I rebooted !).
        Comment: This might actually be a feature. But it would provide
                 a convienient work around for all margin+clipping problems.
                 By the way - the Leftmargin Parameter works differently
                 (for Script and Edit viewers)
                 than one would expect. Giving it a smaller value results
                 in text being printed more to the right.

(3) Problem: When trying to print some HTML Documents, a trap occurs
             (something like Index out of Range).
    Comment: I never tried to reproduce that systematically. So I'm not
             sending a dumped trap viewer etc to ETHZ. I *think* this trap
             might be related to the off-by-on problem mentioned under
             point (2). I will only start looking for it more systematically,
             when the other problems have been resolved or worked around.

Some final comment, on why I post a BUG REPORT in comp.lang.oberon. This
might or might not be the right place to post bug reports (please tell
me if not). Anyway I suppose it would be more appropriate to send this
bug report to the oberon developers mailing list or to the people it
concerns primarily, i e the gurus from ETHZ. But I might have been
overlooking something and then I'm disinclined to waste the time of
people, which have other business. Also I know that in Example Pieter
Muller is monitoring this mailing list anyway.

So I wish everyone (out there) a nice day - Markus E Leypold

Tue, 19 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
 HP500 Problem - Bug in PC Native Oberon 2.2 ?


So you found the bug in HP driver, too ?
Some time ago I mailed it Pieter already.
In Native 2.1 everything is ok, but in 2.2 the HP driver has some bugs
as you noticed.
I'm still waiting for a fix from Pieter.....

Another thing is that (my :-) vesa 2.0 driver is buggy in the original
distribution. 2 days later I updated the driver to avoid the damn TRAP.
If anyone needs the corrected version, mail me


Fri, 22 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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