New release of Oberon System 
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 New release of Oberon System

A new release of the Logic Magician's Oberon V2 system has been
put at for your downloading.

The major changes for this version are as follows:

    o 96Kb of code & 128Kb of data per module
    o Standard Oberon Backup (floppy disk) system is supported
      (FloppyBIOS.Mod included in source form, others in object form)
    o Alan Freed's Maths.Mod is available as an add-on
    o Wayne Marshall's Speaker.Mod is available as an add-on
    o -d flag for output of internal debugging information (to oberon.out)
    o -v flag for output of O2.EXE debugging information (to stderr)
    o incorporation of patch to fix problems with OS/2 & the filesystem.

Due to a new distribution method, you will have to get the
file, even if you have previously downloaded the system in the past.
If you fail to use the files in the new, you will be
presented with blank white screen and you will have to reboot.

Due to time constraints, the documentation files have not changed.

As always, a 386+, 4Mb+ of RAM and a DPMI V0.9+ server is required to
use this Oberon release.

The second edition of the Oberon newsletter should be delivered
before the middle of January.  Send me your email address, and I'll
add you to the list.

Taylor Hutt, Oberonnut
Lost: innocence.  If found, please return.

Sat, 21 Jun 1997 12:21:59 GMT  
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