LNO .arc difficulty 
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 LNO .arc difficulty

I followed the instructions in install.txt to install Linux Native

"3) Get the other *.arc files from the Native Oberon distribution
StdAlone directory an copy them to your LNO directory."

Linux.Display.Obj  apps.arc     install.txt  oberon.cnf    oberon.log
Linux.Obj          docu.arc     lno236.tar   oberon.dsk    oberon.xpm
Linux.Tool         gadgets.arc  oberon       oberon.libc5  oberon0.dsk
LinuxPrinter.Obj   install      oberon.c     oberon.lno    readme.lno

gadget.arc, docu.arc and apps.arc are there.
LNO starts up without a hitch, but the arc files are not visible inside
Oberon. System.Txt says:

"The package files can be copied from a DOS FAT16-format diskett or hard
drive. Change the source directory name ("c:/native") in the command
below to the actual location of the .arc files. . .

DOS.CopyFrom "c:/native"
  gadgets.arc ...

*Of course, this doesn't work in Linux. *

CompressTools.Install gadgets.arc ~ ...

[in System.Log] gadgets.arc not found

How does one install these files, given that they are in the same
directory as Oberon?


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Sun, 05 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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