CFP: ACPC'96 - parallel DBs and parallel I/O 
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 CFP: ACPC'96 - parallel DBs and parallel I/O

                           Second Call for Paper

                 Third International Conference of the ACPC
                          with special emphasis on
                    Parallel Databases and Parallel I/O

                           September 22-25, 1996
                            Klagenfurt, Austria

The Austrian Center for Parallel Computation (ACPC) is a
cooperative research organization founded in 1989
to promote research and education in the field of
Software for Parallel Computer Science.

The Third International Conference of the ACPC will take place
at the University of Klagenfurt, Austria, Sept. 22 -25. 1996
and is intended as a forum for both researchers and practitioners in the field.

Beside the traditional topics special emphasis should be given
to parallel databases and parallel input/output.

Call for Papers

We invite submissions of papers presenting original research
in topics including but not limited to the following areas:

     - Databases                      
     - I/O                            
     - Algorithms                      
     - Applications                        
     - Architectures
     - Languages
     - Compilers
     - Programming Environments

for parallel computation including high-performance computing.

Contributors are invited to send a full paper
not exceeding 6000 words (roughly 12 pages) in English

Submitted files must be in uuendocded (preferably compressed)
postscript format - as created on most Unix systems by
cat | compress | uuencode > paper.uue.
Please try to check that your postscript file can be printed
on more than one kind of laser printers.
If your program requests it, assume that the document will be printed on a 300dpi printer.

The electronic submissions should consist of two e-mails:  
the first containing an ASCII coverpage, containing the author's full name,  
address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, a 100-word abstract and keywords.

Papers may also be submitted on paper in six copies to the chairman of the Program Committee.
The proceedings are intended to be published in the Series  "Lecture Notes in Computer
Science" by the Springer Verlag. For information about the format requirements of the
camera-ready form see our home page (see below).

Authors are expected to attend the conference and present their papers.


Proposals are solicited for tutorials covering all aspects of the conference topics, but
especially issues of parallel databases and parallel I/O. Proposals should contain the level
(introductory, intermediate and advanced), and a schedule of the tutorial. Some information
about the author should be added.

Proposals should be sent (preferably electronically) to  the e-mail address:


A poster session will be organized to give an opportunity for presenting
works in a preliminary stage.
Poster proposals are to submit in the same manner as full papers,  
except for other deadlines and constraints on length.
Poster submissions should be no more than 2000 words (roughly four pages).
Authors are expected to attend the conference and present their posters.

Exhibitions and Demonstrations

Vendors are solicited to make proposals to present their novel concepts and products.

Proposals should be sent (preferably electronically) to  the e-mail address:

Important dates

- Submissions of papers must arrive before February 16, 1996.
- Proposals for tutorials, posters,
  exhibitions and demonstrations must arrive before April 12, 1996.
- Notification of acceptance or rejection: May 6, 1996.
- Camera-ready versions of accepted papers and posters  must arrive before June 21, 1996.
- Camera-ready version of tutorial material will be due on August 26, 1996.

Program Committee

Chairman: L. Boeszoermenyi (Klagenfurt, A)

 P. Apers (Twente, NL)                
 P. Brezany (Vienna, A)                
 B. Buchberger (Linz, A)                    
 H. Burkhart (Basel, CH)                    
 J. Eder (Klagenfurt, A)                    
 A. Ferscha (Vienna, A)                
 A. Hameurlain (Toulouse, F)          
 G. Haring (Vienna, A)                
 H. Hong (Linz, A)                    
 W. Kleinert (Vienna, A)
 D. Kotz (Dartmouth, USA)
 O. Steinhauser (Vienna, A)
 P. Valduriez (Paris, F)
 J. Volkert (Linz, A)
 P. Wang (Kent, USA)
 G. Weikum (Saarbruecken, D)
 H. Zima (Vienna, A)
 P. Zinterhof (Salzburg, A)

Organizing Committee

Chairman:     L. Boeszoermenyi

Important Addresses

World Wide Web Information

Submission e-mail

- Chairman of the Program Committee

  Prof. Laszlo Boeszoermenyi                      

  Department of Informatics                      
  University Klagenfurt                          
  Universitaetsstr. 65-67                      
  A-9020  Klagenfurt

  Tel.: +43-463-2700-509 (506)
  Fax.: +43-463-2700-505                          

- Organization

  Mag. Karl-Heinz Eder                                                                          
  Tel.: +43-463-2700-512 (506)
  Fax.: +43-463-2700-505

- Conference Secretary

  Silvia Nedizavec

  Tel.: +43-463-2700-506
  Fax.: +43-463-2700-505

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