NEW RELEASE: Oberon System 3, Release 2.2 
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 NEW RELEASE: Oberon System 3, Release 2.2

Dear Oberon Users

We would like to announce a new and final major release of Oberon
System 3. In our future work we shall concentrate on a new system which will
give us the opportunity to reconsider some design aspects without, however,
upsetting users of Oberon System 3.

In the new version, the following bugfixes (so-called features) and
enhancements have been done:

- Display.PrintMsg integrated into Display.DisplayMsg.
- Several procedures transferred from module Attributes to module Strings.
- Service procedures added to modules Attributes, Links and Gadgets.
- New finder concept organizes documents on Gadgets desktops and replaces
- The document framework no longer supports the attribute message Menu. The
  framework now expects a menu object to be returned via a link message.
- The new release includes a new implementation of lists. Lists are now
  separated cleanly into views and models. A rider concept is now used to read
  from and write to list models.
- The old help system based on Books has been replaced by html pages (converted
  from the original books).
- Old and/or obsolete commands in various tools and panels have been fixed.
- Documentation texts included in the release have been brought up to date.
- The Oberon Companion is now prepared to be released as a book
  with CD, including full source code of this release
- A new graphics drawing tool called Leonardo has been added.

For Native Oberon only:
- Compiler updated (inline procedures, forward references allowed)
- The following new device drivers exist:
    S3Trio64, Vesa 2.0 and GD542x display drivers
    NCR 810 SCSI driver
- Disk caching has been improved
- SLIP networking has been added
- The configuration text/tool has been cleaned up

For Windows Oberon only:
- UCI's Juice Authoring Tool is now part of the release.
- For debugging purposes, a simple de{*filter*} tool and an enhanced version of
  the Console module are provided.
- The Oberon System now comes in two variants: a version for Win32s and
  a new version for Windows 95/NT. The latter supports long file-names and

For a more detailed list of the changes, see the GadgetsChanges.Text in the new

Because this is intended to be the final release, we decided to ship most of
the source files, except for proprietory modules which are copyrighted. People
interested in such source code are asked to contact the author of the desired
modules directly.

List of modules NOT shipped with this release:

    Kernel.Mod, bootloader

        Intel.OMI.Mod Intel.O*.Mod Win.Interchange.Mod
        Decoder.Mod ModuleDecoder.Mod Meta.Mod Examiner0.Mod Examiner.Mod


    Regions.Mod Raster.Mod Mappings.Mod Pens.Mod FancyPens.Mod Shapes.Mod
        Segments.Mod Areas.Mod Captions.Mod FigureGadgets.Mod Leonardo.Mod
        LeoStyles.Mod LeoTools.Mod ColorWells.Mod

    CDK.JuiceDevices.Mod CDK.JuiceFiles.Mod CDK.JuiceModules.Mod
    CDK.JuiceApplets.Mod CDK.JuiceDocs.Mod CDK.JuiceMath.Mod CDK.JuiceMathL.Mod
    CDK.JuiceMisc.Mod CDK.JuiceTagEmbed.Mod

The new release can be found on: and and

Best Regards,

System 3 Developer Team at ETH

Zuerich, 18 February 1997

Mon, 09 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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