OSF/Motif and XWindows support for Oberon-2 on VAX/VMS (H2O) 
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 OSF/Motif and XWindows support for Oberon-2 on VAX/VMS (H2O)


>                         ModulaWare Product Announcement

>                              Erlangen, 01-Jun-1993

> The VAX/VMS Oberon-2 Compiler H2O V1.28 is available now.

> The new version comes with additional foreign interface modules for

> OSF/Motif, XWindows, MTH$, RMS$, LIB$, SYS$, SMG$, FOR$, ...

> Facilities for dynamic module loading are provided through a new library
> module called Dyn_Type.

> Also, since H2O V1.27, one minor error in code generation
> for shareable images was corrected.

> I'll make available H2O V1.28 evaluation kit by anonymous ftp
> via titania server (if Andreas Borchert agrees).

>      Now that we have the VMS GUI interfaces and dynamic module loading
> facilities, who is willing to port the Oberon System to VAX/VMS with the H2O
> compiler? ModulaWare will not do this port because we are busy extending our
> Modula-2 compiler to ISO Modula-2. Also we plan to port H2O to AXP/VMS.

> For more information on H2O please contact

> Guenter Dotzel ModulaWare GmbH, Wilhelmstr. 17A, D-W 8520 Erlangen/F.R.German
> Tel. +49 (9131) 208395, Fax +49 (9131) 28205. E-mail/Internet:

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