inquiry about Visual Oberon/PC Native Oberon System 3 
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 inquiry about Visual Oberon/PC Native Oberon System 3


>This question was kind of asked the other day, but I found the answer less
>than clear, I took the question to be, can you run VIsual Oberon on Native

Hmmm, then ask again :-)

>System 3, and teh answer I took to mean that it was theoretically possible,

hopefully correct.

>My question is this, more direct perhaps, HAS it been run on System 3, or

No, there is no implementation for VisualOberon and System 3. The
reson is, I (as author of VisualOberon) do not use system 3 and do not
have the knowledge about system 3 programming to do the job. however I
would support such port.

>just in the process of being ported now, what I am looking for in an answer I
>guess is can Visual Oberon and what applications there are for it present
>able to run on Native System 3 as a GUI in it's own right, as an enhancement

Currently the number of applications written with VisualOberon is
small. There are some demo programs and a few "do something" programs.
The reson for this is that I'm mostly improving VO and the overall
userbase is very, very small.

>to the gadgets system or is this something in the works?  Just looking for
>some clarity

If ome would port VO to System 3 one would be able to run programs
under System 3, as standalone program under Windows and under UNIX
(X11). Not however for complete portabiluty you not only need a
portable GUI but also the restof the used libraries must exist on all
plattforms (abstraction layer for OS specific stuff). Fundamental
services are IO, date/time, locale, network etc...


Tue, 28 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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