A bit more help, please (was: Oberon under DR-DOS?) 
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 A bit more help, please (was: Oberon under DR-DOS?)

Thanks to all who responded to my query first. I downloaded
all the files in Oberon/DOS386 and Docu at gatekeeper, and
uncompressed and printed all the documentation. With
much finger-crossing, I edited my autoexec.bat and config.sys
files, rebooted, and started Oberon. It worked! (There's an
exclamation mark there because I am used to nothing working
first up). Even the mouse cursor was alive (3-button mouse,
with a driver which fails with some software). With not
very much help from the OberonGuide printout I managed to
scroll, mark text, stick the caret here and there, insert text,
and make a mysterious snowflake appear by pressing F1 (I suppose
that's what the guide refers to as "star").  Beyond that,
however, nothing. I dutifully clicked the middle button on
what seemed fairly safe commands (e.g. Edit.Open), but, try
however I may, nothing ever happened. I suspect... but I have
too many suspicions. Perhaps Oberon does not sense the mouse's
middle button, due to my mouse driver. But the documentation
mentions 2 and 3-button mice. Perhaps... The guide I found quite
confusing. Mention is made of PF1, PF2, and PF3 keys for
instance, to change the background and foreground, and I
thought that that referred to the function keys F1, F2, F3,
but those keys do nothing of the kind. To add insult to
injury, our library here has nothing on Oberon, nor has the
university next door to us. Not even their bookshop has
anything! It means I'll have to make the trip to the city
(1 hour each way) and roam the technical bookshops there,
where I am reasonably sure (knock on wood) to find something
up-to-date. Meanwhile, I sit frustrated. Everything seems to
work, I've read the language description through, and am
impatient to try it (the only part I found obscure was the
WITH statement, until I realized that Oberon WITH had more
to do with Simula 67 INSPECT ... WHEN... than with Pascal
or C's WITH). Anyone could tell me how I get the Oberon
system to respond to my mouse middle click? Or how I can
determine if the fault lies with the mouse driver at all?

Sun, 22 Oct 1995 08:27:19 GMT  
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